TI 99/4A Gameshelf
TI 99/4A Gameshelf

This site provides a gallery of interesting games with images of the opening screen as well as an in-play snapshot, along with a brief review tested on a real TI 99/4A system. Hardware requirements will also be listed and download links provided. It is my hope that TI'ers will discover here new games and remember old ones, thus preserving an invaluable legacy for posterity. Moreover, it will be a great place to introduce new game software to the community and obtain much deserved credit. It is modeled after the casual "window browsing" experience and is not meant to be a comprehensive repository.

For those interested in game programming on the TI in any language or skill level, or if you are just curious, the AtariAge TI 99/4A programming forum is the place to be and where most new games are being generated. Check it out!

Program Contributions

The success of this site is dependent on submissions from the TI community, so if you have an interesting game program you would like to display here, please feel free to E-Mail it to me with appropriate documentation (if needed).

Legal notice

All of the software on display here is considered abandonware or public domain. However, if you are the copyright holder of a program on this site and do not want it posted, please let me know and it will be removed immediately. This is not a commercial site and no income is being generated from it, so, unless in the unlikely event that commercial viability is still expected from a particular piece of software, why not consider sharing your work with the rest of the TI community?

Programs Download Format [ PLEASE READ! ]

Most of the files on this site are available in three formats:

1- TIFILES format which is native to the TI 99/4A computer, which means that they will run directly on a real TI 99/4A machine as well as on the Classic 99 emulator. These files are appended with the .bin extension, and you will need to remove that extension prior to using the files. In addition, some of these files are archived, and those will have a filename ending with arc. You will need to use Barry Boone's Archiver to expand them.

2- Emulator .DSK format. This format will run using the V9t9, Classic99, js99er and MESS emulators. In some browsers, you might have to right-click on the link and select Save Link As to save the file to disk. These files will also run using the Win994a emulator if you change the .DSK extension to .TIDISK . For those of you using the PC99 emulator, the .DSK files can be converted to PC99 format using Fred Kaal's TIDir program.

3- Binary cartridge format. These will require either the Flashrom 99 or Finalgrom 99 to run depending on their file size. They will also run under the Classic99 and JS99er emulators.

NOTE: As of the May 2015 update, disk and cartridge binaries will be the only formats supported for new additions






Extended BASIC



New Additions:

Atlantis by Brian Gray (XB)

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